Presentations by author

Title Notes Author Date
Online Democracy Presentation by Head of Newham IT at LGMB Conference Simon Norbury 26th. Nov '98
UK Internet Gateway Proposal made to Newham Online Board. Adrian Norman 5th. Feb '98
Developing an IT vision in partnership. Presentation made to FITLOG conference Richard Steel 14th Nov '98
L.B. Newham's IT developments Newham's IT developments, report to Newham Online Board Richard Steel 5th. Feb '98
Commit presentation Newham's IT developments and response on   community IT proposals at IBM South Bank Richard Steel 26th. Nov. '97
Wired up Communities Presentation to national WuC Conference Richard Stubbs 15th May 2001
Wiring Carpenters Estate Presentation made to Council's ICT in the Community group Richard Stubbs 2nd April 2001
NOL as an ISP Plans for developing Newham Online as an ISP and Independent Service Provider Richard Stubbs 2nd April '98
Gateways Outline of Gateway proposal made to Newham Online Board Richard Stubbs 13th. Nov '97
Developing a local telematics strategy Focuses on elements that are unique to telematics. Richard Stubbs 13th. Nov '97
Newham Online Vision for Newham Online, inaugural meeting. Richard Stubbs 2nd. Oct '97
Network audit Presentation of audit of Newham's WANs Nigel Worthington 11th Jan '99
Joined-up learning environments Presentation by the inventor of the National Grid for Learning. Chris Yapp 9th. Dec '99