Originally produced by John Lock

Last updated � Feb �2000

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 In the listing below aim is defined as infrastructure, use or content according to what the project budget is primarily being used to develop. Infrastructure includes software applications.


Affordable Broadband Connectivity
City Learning Centre (at Forest Gate Community School)
Community Learning Network
Connecting Creative Industry
Domex network
Education Action Zone intranet
East London and Lee Valley Teleregion
Enhancing Communications
ICT Learning Centre (Sebert Road Training Centre)
Linking all Newham Schools
New Deal: Plaistow
Newham Gateway and Extranet
Newham.net Ltd
Newham Online (NeOn)
Newham Young People Online
Three Mills High Bandwidth Connection
University for Industry (one)
University for Industry (two - East Thames Partnership)

NAME�������������� Affordable Broadband Connectivity

AIM������������������� Infrastructure

������������������������� To extend the Newham Extranet.

PARTNERS����� (Newham Online), LBN, Marconi, Mase, UEL

STATUS���������� ERDF approved, live

EXPIRES��������� 31st. Dec. 2001

CONTACT������� richard.stubbs@newham.org.uk

NAME�������������� ATTACH

AIM������������������� Infrastructure, use, content; operating software and community information databasedeveloped

PARTNERS����� LBN, Police

STATUS���������� EU Framework IV (DG13 Telematics) expired

EXPIRES��������� Dec 1998

CONTACT������� richard.steel@newham.gov.uk

COMMENTS��� In process of �tendering� out-sourcing of kiosk network, and continuing maintenance and development of software system in-house. Significant growth of network expected.

NAME ����������� CITteN

AIM������������������� Infrastructure

������������������������� To extend the Newham Extranet to Creative sector organisations.

PARTNERS����� Stratford Circus, NewVIc, Waterhouse Studios, Theatre Royal Stratford East, Space Studios

STATUS���������� ERDF approved, going live

EXPIRES��������� Dec 2001

CONTACT������� jon@stratford-circus.org.uk

NAME�������������� City Learning Centre (at Forest Gate Community School)

AIM������������������� infrastructure, use; state of the art facility which will enrich and extend the learning opportunities of partners in the partnership area by fostering ICT-based learning and teaching solutions and as a key agent in improving attainment levels

PARTNERS����� LBN Education, Forest Gate Community School

STATUS���������� DfEE approved, going live


CONTACT������� LBN:paul.whiteman@newham.gov.uk

������������������������� School:Andy Richardson, Head Teacher, FGCS


NAME�������������� Community Learning Network



STATUS���������� Planned


CONTACT������� yasin.ahmed@sdp-ltd.co.uk


NAME�������������� Connecting Creative Industry

AIM������������������� use; to link SMEs in the Objective 2 area into production and post-production opportunities at Three Mills and linked education and creative ventures (NB Cultural Quarter, UEL, NewVIc)

PARTNERS����� UEL, NewVIc, Stratford Circus, Newham Online, Three Mills Island Studios/Edwin Shirley Productions, LBN

STATUS���������� ERDF approved, going live

EXPIRES��������� December 2001

CONTACT������� j.f.lock@uel.ac.uk

NAME�������������� Domex network

AIM������������������� designed to harness the learning potential and the popular attraction of the Millennium Dome with the combined expertise of schools and Local Education Authorities in partner boroughs in order to develop excellentpractice in the use of ICT for teaching and learning in all secondary schools in the area.

PARTNERS����� London Boroughs of Newham, Waltham Forest, Tower Hamlets, Greenwich, and Lewisham

STATUS���������� Bid approved, begins December 1999


CONTACT������� paul.whiteman@newham.gov.uk

 NAME�������������� Education Action Zone intranet

AIM������������������� to establish a web-based forum in which EAZ schools can exchange information, best practice and develop new solutions to learning.

PARTNERS����� All EAZ schools, LBN Education and external partners

STATUS���������� Ongoing


CONTACT������� paul.whiteman@newham.gov.uk

NAME�������������� East London and Lee Valley Teleregion

AIM������������������� infrastructure; broadband network linking Objective 2 area boroughs

PARTNERS����� UEL, Middx University,

STATUS���������� Live, being restructured as part of exit strategy

EXPIRES��������� Funded till June 2000

CONTACT������� a.thomas@teleregion.co.uk

NAME�������������� Enhancing Communications

AIM������������������� Infrastructure

������������������������� To provide servers, software and services over the Newham Extranet and Teleregion

PARTNERS����� (Newham Online), Internet Vision, Computer Access, LBN, UeL, NewTel

STATUS���������� Live

EXPIRES��������� December 2001

CONTACT������� mike.bowles@access-it.org.uk

NAME�������������� Europilot

AIM������������������� Business Development and competitiveness for SMEs through ICT and computer-based learning. use, content; establish online management decision-making support system, diagnostics and multi-media business tools

PARTNERS����� UEL Business Development Centre, other Private Sector ICT developers, transnational links to German Chamber of Commerce and partner in Italy.

STATUS���������� ESF ADAPT, live

EXPIRES��������� Dec 2000

CONTACT������� jules@bee.co.uk and beekeeper@bee.co.uk

NAME�������������� ICT Learning Centre (Sebert Road Training Centre)

AIM������������������� infrastructure, use; establishes a pilot community learning centre

PARTNERS����� Sebert Road Training Centre, SDP, UEL

STATUS���������� Funds applied for from DfEE and SRB5


CONTACT������� srtc@compuserve.com (Moore Giwa, Project Director)

NAME�������������� Linking all Newham Schools with a 2mb connection to the Council�s network

AIM������������������� infrastructure connections for National Grid for Learning (NGfL)

PARTNERS����� LBN and schools

STATUS���������� ongoing 12 out 14 secondary school connected, 25 out of 65 primary school connected.

EXPIRES��������� due to complete end of 2001

CONTACT������� graham.pragnell@newham.gov.uk, john.defoe@newham.gov.uk

NAME�������������� New Deal: Plaistow

AIM������������������� infrastructure; linking 3,800 homes


STATUS���������� Agreed in principle


CONTACT������� ian.woolford@ndfc.demon.co.uk

NAME�������������� Newham Gateway and Extranet

AIM������������������� Infrastructure

To provide a fast, secure network linking existing Wide Area Networks and key local service providers. Also provide a search engine & links database for Newham related web sites and an.eCommerce mall for local business,


PARTNERS����� (Newham Online), Marconi Communications, Computer Access, LBN

STATUS���������� ERDF, live

EXPIRES��������� June 2000

CONTACT������� richard.stubbs@newham.org.uk

NAME�������������� Newham.net Ltd

AIM������������������� Infrastructure;

Company to manage Newham Gateway and Extranet and become an Internet Service Provider

PARTNERS����� Newham Online participants

STATUS���������� Incorporated

EXPIRES��������� Not time limited - Will be trading entity.

CONTACT������� richard.stubbs@newham.org.uk

NAME�������������� Newham Online (NeOn)

AIM������������������� infrastructure, use; sponsor development of Internet in Newham via partnerships to create broadband network, gateway website, ISP, and development of applications and uses of all kinds

PARTNERS����� around 90 (see 1999 report)

STATUS���������� active, unincorporated; operates via online lists (Core, Creative, Steer, Consult, etc)

EXPIRES��������� Not time limited as  currently exists on voluntary basis

CONTACT������� richard.stubbs@newham.org.uk

NAME�������������� Newham Young People Online

AIM������������������� use, content; sponsor Newham young people�s use of Internet

PARTNERS����� LBN Community Education and Youth Service (Gavin Sealey), Newham Online

STATUS���������� active, unincorporated; run by young people with support of Newceys

EXPIRES��������� Not time limited - Funded via NewCEYs

CONTACT������� gsealey@globalnet.co.uk

NAME�������������� NHSnet

AIM������������������� infrastructure; NHS wide area network linking service deliverers, eg GPs





NAME�������������� Slipway

AIM������������������� Content

pilot for comprehensive national online database of services


PARTNERS����� Aston Charities, Newham Online, Go2Find Ltd

STATUS���������� ERDF, live


CONTACT������� Adrian_R_D_Norman@compuserve.com

NAME�������������� Three Mills High Bandwidth Connection

AIM������������������� Infrastructure;

Link Newham Extranet and Edwin Shirley Productions new post-production venture to Internet via very large bandwidth connection

PARTNERS����� ESP, LBN, Newham Online, UEL, SDP

STATUS���������� In principle approval from Tomorrow�s City SRB

EXPIRES��������� Due to be completed by 31.6.00

CONTACT������� phil.morris@newham.gov.uk

NAME�������������� University for Industry (one)

AIM������������������� infrastructure, use; establishing local delivery consortium and learning centres

PARTNERS����� Newham FE College, Waltham Forest College, LBN, others

STATUS���������� Live



NAME�������������� University for Industry (two - East Thames Partnership)

AIM������������������� infrastructure, use; establishing local delivery consortium and learning centres

PARTNERS����� UEL, NewVIc, LBN, others (lead partner is Havering FHE College)

STATUS���������� Live


CONTACT������� c.j.snee@uel.ac.uk